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Disposal @YaleUse the application below to solid waste disposal at Yale.

Use the control on the left to change the buildings you wish to include. Click the button beside the control to edit the buildings in the list. Click the building name to view the energy profile.

Year To Date Summary Data
Facility GSF YTD Ton YTD Ton % Change


User Buildings

FacID Name  
Add Building :

Adding buildings to your list allows querying by a set of buildings you define under the heading "User Buildings".

User Help


The Energy Explorer application was created to provide immediate and customizable access to energy usage data to as many members of the Yale community as possible and beyond. By selecting existing or creating custom sets of buildings the user can view the buildings combined and individual usage profiles.


The Explore view is the main section of the application and is broken into two main sections, one for choosing buildings, the other to view the results.

Select Buildings
To select which buildings to display one can use the combo box control to select a predefined set or click the Edit button next to the control box (one can also reach the customize screen by selecting the Custom item from the list). Selecting a predefined set will load those buildings in the standard results grid. Clicking the Edit button will open a pop up screen where you can move buildings in and out of the selected list by clicking on them. To find a building in the list of all buildings start typing the name or FACID of the building and the list will filter.

View Results
Once a set of buildings is selected the combined and individual building statistics will be displayed in a grid. The grid shows the Facility Name, Gross Square Footage of the Facility(s), year to date overall energy usage for the current fiscal year, same period year to date usage for the previous fiscal year, and the percentage change in usage between the two years.

To see more detailed information about the building(s) usage click on the building name to launch the charting pop up. The pop up automatically loads data from the beginning of the previous fiscal year and charts not only the combined usage but the individual commodity usage as well. You may change the time range shown in the charts by resizing the shaded box in the Overall Combined Usage chart. Once changed, the graphs below will automatically reload based on the new time range. The graphs default to show time grouped by month, to change to time series display change the display button from Grouped Monthly to Time Series. Rolling over any of the bars will show the value it represents.

Data Export
The data behind any graph can be exported using the Export button on the above right of every graph. As with the charts you can choose between monthly grouped and time series exports.


If you are a Yale community member and have logged in via CAS (upper right corner) you can define a custom list of buildings and save them as “User Buildings”. Once done the “User Buildings” selection is available as predefined building set. To add a building select or find the building from the list, to remove click the remove icon.