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Report a Problem / Request Services

    EMERGENCY or urgent repairs: Call 432-6888
  • Emergency Repair Service:
  • Urgent Repair Service:
  • Priority 1 response time within 24 hours
  • Priority 2 response time within 4 days
     Facilities Work Request (FWR) - Submit and track your requests online.
  • Routine Service Request:
  • Priority 3 response time within 14 days
     Lockshop Key Requisition - Form for requesting keys.


   Facilities Operations Center:  Call us for assistance at 432-6888

Interactive Maps

Campus Map Covers the Central Campus, the Medical Center and the Athletic Fields.

West Campus Map Covers the campus in West Haven and Orange.



Green Initiative - Yale University is improving the efficiency of its power plants, updating buildings, utilizing emerging technologies, and searching for clean energy alternative sources as part of its energy use portfolio. Click on for more information on this, Sustainability and Recycling activities.


Facilities Links

Energy Explorer - New Version - Explore Yale's energy usage. Requires FireFox 18.0+, Chrome 25.0+, IE 9+, or Safari (iOS 6.0+ & Desktop 6.0+). Please use one of these or a similarly capable browser to use this application.

Energy Usage - Previous Version - Facility related energy information.