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Facilities Planning & Construction (FACPC)

Facilities Planning and Construction (FACPC) is responsible for Capital Project Planning and Construction ranging from major building and facilities construction to installation of new equipment and small renovation projects. (FACPC) consists of two units:


  • This unit provides strategic campus planning and programming for existing and future facilities.


  • This unit implements all construction projects from design through construction to occupancy.


Central Campus

University Planning (more...) (close)
University Planning assists the University Officers, and academic and administrative departments in the decision-making process as it relates to the physical environment of the campus. They determine the most effective approach i.e., renovation, adaptive reuse, building addition, new construction, or combination) to meet space needs. They developing the scope, schedule, and budget for all capital projects and securing approvals necessary to initiate project. Additionally they manage systems that track the University’s space assets for the Central, Athletic and West campuses.

For more information please contact 432-8407.

Major Projects (more...) (close)

Major Projects provides the oversight and management for capital projects approved by the University in the Central and Science areas. This management includes the coordination of the design phases of the projects, usually administering the work of architectural and engineering design consultants. The effort continues through the construction phase, overseeing the activities of the outside contractors and construction managers. The responsibility of this division typically ends with the commissioning of the construction, and the turn-over of the new or renovated facilities to the operating departments and divisions of the University.

For more information please contact:

Dave Parnigoni, Director of Major Projects 432-8407

Project Management (more...) (close)
The Project Management group has responsibility for small projects and some mid-size projects (except those at the School of Medicine). This group establishes the scope, budget, and schedule for these projects through an expedited process called formulation. They then manage the project through design, construction, and closeout.

For more information please contact 432-8407.

Contract Administration and Project Metrics (more...) (close)
Contract Administration manages and advances the technical databases, quarterly results metrics tracking, monthly reporting, master scheduling and other technical tools that directors, program managers, project managers and planners utilize on a regular basis.

In addition this unit has responsibility for the Construction Administration Department providing maintenance and retention of master contracts, project conditions, general requirements, bidding requirements, forms of agreement, and other related documents and formal provisions.

For more information please contact John Kaufhold, Director Finance and Administration at 432-6372.


Medical Center

Construction & Renovation (more...) (close)
The mission of Yale School of Medicine Facilities Planning & Construction (YSM FACPC) is to enhance the Yale School of Medicine's ability to achieve its future by providing high functioning, efficient and appropriate facilities. We achieve high quality results through dedicated service, team work and courtesy. School of Medicine Facilities Web Site.