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Facilities Staff

Report a Problem / Request Services

    EMERGENCY or urgent repairs: Call 432-6888
  • Emergency Repair Service:
  • Urgent Repair Service:
  • Priority 1 response time within 24 hours
  • Priority 2 response time within 4 days
     Facilities Work Request (FWR) - Submit and track your requests online.
  • Routine Service Request:
  • Priority 3 response time within 14 days
     Lockshop Key Requisition - Form for requesting keys.


   Facilities Operations Center:  Call us for assistance at 432-6888
   Getting Computing Support - Central & West Campuses
   Getting Computing Support - Medical Campus: 432-9000


Facilities Links

Contractor Directory - Contractor specialties and contract information.

Mobile Manager - Workforce Management applications. (Login Required)

FET - Facilities Employee Tool (Login Required)

Managers Application Management Tools. (Login Required)

Sharepoint - Facilities internal Sharepoint for collaboration and documentation.

FELIX - Facilities consolidated online reporting. (Login Required)

Jasper - Online reporting (New). (Login Required)

FAMIS - Maintenance and Space Management application. (Login Required)

Facilities Work Request (FWR) - Submit and track your requests online.

Utilities Shutdowns - Service outage dates, times and effected builidngs.

Facilities Employees - Find Facilities employees phone numbers, email addresess, ...

Online Archive - PlanLib application for plans and other information. (Login Required)

Job Tracking Management Report - Custodial Job Tracking application. (Login Required)

Electronic Web Request - Dispatch Center Web Request application. (Login Required)

Current Projects - Sortable list of active projects. (Login Required)

Documents - Forms, standards and documents for all things Facilities related.

Energy Explorer - Explore Yale's energy usage. Requires FireFox 18.0+, Chrome 25.0+, IE 9+, or Safari (iOS 6.0+ & Desktop 6.0+). Please use one of these or a similarly capable browser to use this application.