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Finance and Administrative Services

The Facilities Business Office reports to the Associate Vice-President for Facilities. The Facilities Business Office is officially titled the Facilities Finance and Administration Office. The Business Office provides administrative, financial and technology support services to all units within the Office of Facilities.


Accounting & Finance (more...) (close)
  • Budget development and monitoring
  • Development of financial policies and procedures
  • Financial analysis and reporting
  • Financial compliance issues and audit coordination
  • Oversight of manual and automated financial processes
  • Development of billing methodologies and rates
  • Financial record retention
  • Accounts payable activities for capital projects
  • Management of general and project accounting activities

Administration (more...) (close)

Facilities Information Systems (more...) (close)
  • Purchase, deployment, and support of all desktops, laptops, and smartphones for Facilities systems and personnel.
  • Design, development, implementation, and support of all Facilities-specific custom applications (PCS, ACS, FELIX, Employee Tool, PlanLib, Facilities website, Emergency Contractors, Bidding System, EWR, FWR, Vehicle Tracking, OT Callback, Custodial Services Housing, Fire Marshal Incidents).
  • Implementation and support of all Facilities-specific packaged applications (Famis, Breeze, ECAP, Keystone, Morse Watchman, EMS).
  • Provisioning of Facilities applications (custom and packaged) to Facilities personnel.
  • General computing guidance and support.

Materials Management (Administered by the Office of Procurement) (more...) (close)
  • Procurement of goods and services for maintenance, repair, and minor renovation activities including purchasing, receiving, storing, staging, and delivering
  • Vendor management
  • Stockroom management, including physical inventories
  • Management of operation and support functions, including a large vehicle fleet, communications systems and equipment, and trucking services
  • Direction of process development and compliance
  • Coordination of procurement and inventory related audits
  • Management of data collection, record retention, and reporting of items purchased