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Report a Problem / Request Services

    EMERGENCY or urgent repairs: Call 432-6888
  • Emergency Repair Service:
  • Urgent Repair Service:
  • Priority 1 response time within 24 hours
  • Priority 2 response time within 4 days
     Facilities Work Request (FWR) - Submit and track your requests online.
  • Routine Service Request:
  • Priority 3 response time within 14 days
     Lockshop Key Requisition - Form for requesting keys.


   Facilities Operations Center:  Call us for assistance at 432-6888

Customer Service

The Facilities Operations Center is committed to ensuring first class facilities service for our respected colleagues at Yale University. We will provide support through the use of a methodology that ensures a streamlined process, timely response and proactive initiatives. Our goal is to build and maintain a network of communications, creating a working environment where feedback and ideas can be shared and acted upon. In doing so, we support the community’s common goal of creating the best Yale University experience possible.


For help in learning how to use our services and tools more effectively, please consider sending a representative from your department to training in Facilities tools.


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